Prom Dresses Online

Prom Dresses Online

One of our esteemed clients from the United States is in the business of selling prom dresses online. (We’ve withheld the name due to an NDA signed with the client)

The Challenge

While our client had an immense range of dresses available at a fairly reasonable price, they weren’t able to attract enough traffic. Direct mailing also did not come to their rescue thus failing their strategy. It was at this point in time that they contacted Wizi Marketing, and together we strategized a way to increase the traffic.

The Objective
  • Generate Organic Leads
  • Generate Traffic through PPC
  • Increase Visibility
The Solution

We kick-started the plan by handling the SEO, page-by-page for the entire website, so that generation of higher organic leads could become possible. Next, we altered the content by introducing relevant blogs, videos, location pages etc., which would help create a stronger foundation for improving search results ranking.

Next, we concentrated on maximising returns from paid marketing, especially PPC. We devised a strategy that not only generated better traffic but also ensure that the cost per acquired customer also diminished greatly.

And finally, we started an independent fashion blog to create awareness regarding the concept of buying prom dresses online, to create a buzz in the market, and helped further increase the traffic to our client’s site.

The Results
  • 58

    Increase in Organic Leads

  • 31

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 12

    Improved Impression Share

  • 131

    Improved Paid Clicks.