E – Cigarettes suppliers

E – Cigarettes suppliers

We’ve had the opportunity to work for a client who sold e-cigarettes through physical shops in United States as well as online. (We’ve withheld the name due to an NDA signed with the client)

The Challenge

Our client had a website up and running with all the products listed neatly, but the problem in this case was that the local audience was not driven to the site. And as it usually happens, the overall traffic was also way below the expectations. On taking a closer look at the site, we also found that the route to the payment gateway was also a little longer than the audiences usually like.

The Objective
  • Generation of Organic Leads
  • Increase in Visibility
  • Conversion of Local Traffic
The Solution

The Wizi Team approached the challenge with an exhaustive content assessment and spotted the major content gaps, including a thorough scan of what was it that was working for the competitors. The content audit highlighted the lack of proper SEO, especially pertaining to the use of imperative keywords.

Then, our team suggested the client a series of content capsules that they must be putting on the site in regular intervals through the coming year. We also asked them to get listed with complete addresses, contact numbers as well as website information along with a brief profile of the business on all possible local platforms such as Yellow Pages, Yelp etc. so that the local traffic is efficiently directed towards the site.

The Results
  • 61

    Increase in Local Traffic

  • 42

    Increase in Organic Leads

  • 80

    Hike in Visibilty

  • 150

    Increased Directed Leads