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Optimizing Site for Mobile Usage

In today’s times, a large majority of all the internet users prefer to access the same via their smart phones while on the go, rather than taking the pain to reach out to their laptops or PCs. Hence, it is becoming increasingly important that your website is optimally designed to be used on handheld devices such as mobile phones, iPads and tablets.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential that your site opens up in less than 3 seconds on any given mobile device, and in case you offer an online shopping portal the cart is optimised to be used on a mobile platform, failing which more than 50% of your customers might leave the website, and may not return! This can prove to be a real dent to your business structure and your cost per acquisition may grow exponentially.

Another important avenue that needs to be kept in mind during the designing of the website is the fact that almost all mobile users visit the site while they’re on the go and hence their attention span is fairly short. Also, that these users often make impulse purchases and are likely to spend more money that desktop users. Thus, it is necessary for the site to offer bite-sized information along with a design that can be quickly navigated. Also, the steps towards making the payment must be minimal and the payment gateway should offer maximum convenience.

Again, even when a site looks wondrously attractive on a desktop, chances are that it might not give the same appearance on a mobile platform. In some cases, it has been found that the content even becomes almost illegible on hand-held devices. Therefore it is important to get your website tested on all major mobile platforms to ensure an alluring look, and enhanced appeal and the most important of all increased functionality.

Thus, it makes complete sense to optimise your site for mobiles right from the first day of its launch. And this especially holds true in case of small business enterprises who are the lookout for developing new and fast responding consumer base.

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