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Expect Nothing Less Than Perfect

While many small and medium size enterprises seek SEO services, only a few of them know exactly what to expect from their SEO partner. And so, to make things easier for you, here are a few aspect that your SEO team should deliver! Take a look –
1. Deliverables
While you cannot and should not expect it within the first week, but it is reasonable to expect certain deliverables from your SEO team after a month or so once they’ve started working with you. You can expect these in the form of:
• A site wide content audit to find the weaknesses
• Content with backlinks to your website
• A regular report with updates on how the content and other aspects have been changed for the better
• Improved figures in terms of site rankings and lead generation.

2. Recommendations
An SEO partner that actually wants to give your site the much needed boost will often recommend actions to you on certain fronts such as launching a new social media page, integrating various social media pages with each other and also to your site, starting a blog that might interest your target audiences etc. In case they do, rather than striking it off as ‘not your cup of tea’ you must follow their lead, and within no time, you will witness astounding results.
In fact, you can also expect your SEO partner to take your permission for seemingly far-fetched but equally imperative actions such as optimising your site for mobile platforms, creating a sitemap, improving the overall speed of the site’s navigation etc. While these recommendation might seem as a cost-unit at first, with time you’ll come to realise the unmatched role that they’ll play with respect to the marketing of your site as well as your business.

3. Ranking
Search engine rankings are by far, the best way you analyse exactly how much your SEO campaigning efforts are helping you. And once your SEO partner has kick-started the campaign, the results must generally be visible in a month’s time. In this period, you may expect your site to:
• Rank on Google’s first page
• Show up for your target keywords
• Be visible for varied long-tail keywords
• Rank consistently (barring a shift of a few positions)

4. Revenues
More often than not, working with a trusted SEO partner will help boost the revenues for your business. Although sometimes it may be combined with a fall in the overall traffic to your site, however, this should not be a cause for worry unless your revenues are adversely affected. Here, you’ll need to understand the fact that it is simply not required to have humongous amount of visitors for your site. All you need is a few visitors who have the potential to be converted into returning customers and your work is done!

And last but not the least, you must place your trust in an SEO partner who promises to offer you, “Nothing Less Than Perfect”!

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